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Cleanings & Checkups

We will help you keep your teeth by keeping them healthy!

At Dr. Smilovits office we make your oral care our number one priority. We know it is important to you to keep your teeth healthy and to save your natural teeth for as long as possible, and there are many ways we will help you accomplish that.

No matter what condition your teeth are in right now, if you start taking care of them properly, you can avoid the need for major dental work later on.

We can help, and it’s easier than you think when you take it one step at a time.


Teeth Cleaning
We have an excellent dental hygienist who is very experienced, knows how to clean gently, and will give you very thorough cleanings.

Good oral hygiene is important to prevent many dental and medical problems. Recent research has shown that the bacteria present in gum disease are also found in the plaques clogging arteries in people with heart disease.

Therefore, a good professional cleaning is essential not only for the health of your teeth, but also for your general well-being.


We care about our patients and make them feel comfortable
We listen to you and explain our procedures, keeping you at ease at all times.

We use the latest technology to provide a comfortable, gentle and pain-free experience and to give you accurate, quality work.


Gum Treatment
We do both surgical and non-surgical gum treatment to handle mild, intermediate and advanced stages of gum disease. This includes deep cleaning, also known as scaling and root planning, so that we can save your teeth and prevent decay caused by bacteria trapped in the gums, as well as more advanced procedures. 


Fillings are a fast and painless procedure with Dr. Smilovits. You will hardly feel your shot, if at all. Dr. Smilovits always gets compliments on how gentle he is from his patients. We always use high-quality composite (white) fillings – and have not used silver amalgam (mercury) fillings for over 25 years.